Are we going to need an ark, hovercraft or dingy to get to the gym?


5th Blog Is an ark required?


Friday evening arrived and It was raining cats and dogs, (and no I don’t know where that expression came from although I’ve heard theories!). I seriously considered the siren like call of my couch and a lemon pudding with custard but I thought no Trish, you are the blogger you have a responsibility to go, that and I just really like playing.

So it was dark and it was cold and it was raining and it was raining so hard I considered building an ark and just sailing to the gym, but I made it to training in regular vehicular transport. First we set up and then we put the heaters on and then we tried to warm up. The hardiest of our crew showed up. Mighty Meg who brought her son Nathan. Alex the Wall, who is fast becoming a force of nature with his shots. Killer Kit, your humble blogger and Alessandro.

I’m going to go straight to the games today because I have to leave room for the tournament on Saturday. Tonight we played five against Alessandro, now you have to give the man credit for fitness, that was a speccy effort. For my part playing as one of five was a lot less confusing than last week and we ended up being quite a cohesive force I thought

Next we played three aside, we had Alex, Meg and Kit against Nathan, Alessandro and me. It’s time for me to brag now. I blocked two of Alex’s shots and I was quite chuffed. Ok brag time over I managed to stuff a fair few of his shots but I swear to whatever deity you follow I felt the ball go through my fingers, that’s how close I was. Ok let’s talk about the other team members. Nathan could certainly belt the ball and he was no sluggard in the blocking department either. It was funny, when he and Meg were on the same side they were this lovely collaborative force. As soon as they were on opposite sides, it was on. I reckon Meg invaded at one point that’s how keen she was to get the ball.

Kit is fearless when it comes to the ball, it doesn’t matter how hard it’s hit if she can get to it she’ll take it, it’s impressive. Alex was like an Exocet missile tonight. As the ball whizzed past my head (that was one of the stuffed shots) and hit the bricks behind me I was waiting for brick dust to shower me. It didn’t, but I can only assume that these are tough bricks. Alex even got a shot or two through Alessandro’s blocks, now that’s saying something.

It was a brilliant match, it was fast and it was fun. I forgot all about the crappy weather and how puffed I was by the third set I just wanted that ball. I did consider whether I should take it easy because of the tournament tomorrow but you just couldn’t, every part of you wants to hit the heck out of that ball and try and score. This is why Hit Ball is so good for fitness because you forget what you are doing, you just want to play and play and play. I love Hit Ball, have you picked up on that?.That was our Friday session.


Saturday morning and we could put our arks away. It was cold and windy but the sun was out, thank goodness. We got there early to set up and started our warm up in a very Karate Kid sort of fashion by cleaning off the old tapes and putting some new ones down, wax on, wax off.

For our tournament line up, we had Alex, Kit, Oscar, Will, Karen and me. Karen is Oscar’s mum and she is a mighty mighty blocker. Alessandro was the umpire and to decide on the teams we drew cards out of a hat. You either got a one or a two to tell you what side you were on and then you had to come up with a name for your team. Will showed quite a bit of talent for name creation here and Alex proved to be quite creative too with the names. When those two were on the same side we were a bit hard pressed to come up with names for our team then unfortunately.

OK so we had time for three sets, each set became a round in the tournament. If you won your set you got a point and then the person who won the most points won the tournament. So the first set was Uno (Kit, Alex and Oscar) vs Black Shorts (Will, me and Karen) 18 – 2. Second set was Fluro Jets (Alex, Will and Karen) vs Elements (Me, Oscar and Kit) 5 – 2 and the third set was Ferrets (Alex, Trish and Oscar) vs Target Practice (Will, Karen and Kit) 16 – 0. We also had a hoop challenge at the finish which Karen conquered.

Our tournament champion was Alex and he won a five session card for Hit Ball. Oscar came second and chose a T Shirt for his prize. Karen,  as Hoop Queen (a title I’ve bestowed upon her), also won a five session card, she managed to hit the target closer than anyone else in the challenge. The three of them played really well.

Special mentions go to; Karen who blocked Alex’s shots numerous times. Will who as well as having almost supernatural team naming abilities played fantastically and was a really good sport. Kit was tireless, it didn’t matter f it was the first game or the last she did not falter. Oscar also maintained a concentration over the three games that I hadn’t seen before. A thank you should go to Alessandro for organizing the event and providing cool prizes.

I was completely exhausted by the end of it. We had some cake at the finish and all good things have cake so that was fitting. I still haven’t given up on a little pageantry for the next tournament though. Maybe crowns or a big belt for the winner like the boxing and wrestling people do.

Thanks for reading. If you ever fancy coming to see us you would be very welcome.


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